Sunday, 25 January 2009

Focus....Homage to premier

When i heard this i had to put it up...Homage to preemo.

Homage to premier….by Focus feat Royce 5 9, ponte and Stat quo

Produced by Focus....or is it

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Blaq Poet - Ain't Nothin' Changed (dj premier)

It's not often that I apologise, so make the most of this one...

I'd like to apologise to all my fellow Pepa Millers around the world, I've been sittin on this track since before Christmas. I can only think it was the copious amounts of stilton & chronic that made me forget my duties.

Here's a banger from one of the most respected MC's in Queens, Blaq Poet. With Premo on the boards Poet keeps it gully as ever!

Better late than never I suppose...

Blaq Poet - Ain't Nothin' Changed

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


SAIGON..Pushin buddens.................OH ER ARK AT HIM...SAIGON AT

IT AGAIN...He wont let it go

Letter to BIG


Lil cease…letter to BIG

Fuck ya niggaz...lox diss...diddy

fuck ya niggas…piddy...diss to the lox...i hope they drop a fridge on the somalian poof kunt.

Obama hop......

Here are some tracks inspired by the first blackman in the whitehouse....about time

jigga my presidents black.

Freddy foxxx yes you can

Monday, 19 January 2009

Step off....fuck your feet

Right i m 6ft 2 and have small feet, its all good cheap kicks...i dont give a fuck. But heads have been on some you got tiny feet shit.....i dont give a fuck yeah bit freaky but fuck your feet you sashsqaut wookie bigfoot yehti kunts.....step off.

Budden v saigon beef deepens...

Joe budden….pain in his life

Saigon no problems

These two go at it again just 24hrs after the last record...bad blood saigon wants to kill this bre

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Sunday Beef....Saigon v budden

its sunday and i love a bit of beef.

Saigon and prodigy…under achiever

The start...

Joe budden..letter to saigon.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

What What live...RAF...Big n Meth

Live raf footage of the whut...nerkahhz

Birdman and wayne

Birdman and lil weezy…….I stay strapped

New one from them hot homo.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Tales from the Pepa seed...Vol 2....all true Nerks!

So me, and 2 ukhh djs were out on a roadtrip...i think it was Cardiff..anyway we had weed and VIP and thats all you need. One of my homies on the trip was playin and me and my mate was chillin. Anyway we kickin it in this club and my mate gets sniffin and he finds some live valley flange. We all leave the club and my mate has this bird and her mate in toe..(ironic when i drop the bomb later) me and my other mate are like fuck that gash but me being me i take wing man position and talk to her and am gettin ready to take one for the team when i look down, she has on open toe'd shoes and bang there it is the bitch has two middle toes missing.....i was like fuck.
we are stoned and i am trying to tell my spars that this chick is doin the heavy metal salute with her toes.
So my mate darks off to hit valley ho off and i m stuck with freak toe gash a right Ho No...i manage to slip this gash and all that was in my mind was zulu and horns of the buffolo.
I was more pissed at the girls front havin her toes out...sayin that i might have hit the skins and found out later. She was a retard pigeon like below.

Pepas tip.
When stayin in a hotel...take a condom place over fire alarm/smoke alarm and you can smoke with the knowledge you wont set alarms off....Genius they is air tight.

Biggie Smalls...RAF Footge for you nerks

When Biggie was Mr smalls and puffy was puffy the twat hype man...

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Best real Pig show....Road wars

It was a shock when Road wars took this one...for me it was Crimewatch just for the host gettin so involved she took some shells and became a good punchline for uk rap.
Being from Berks i have met the Pigs from Road wars on road and in Bracknell....they were a bit hollywood for me...hhahaha on the real shout out to kuntstubble waller he was safe.

Jada....letter to BIG

Jadas...letter to BIG from the Movie soundtrack video

Skyzoo.....oh er...witt wooooo

New skyzooooooo......

Skyzoo bells and whistles


Here is a new heater from Rhyme...i m not his greatest fan but this made me shart my pants...well done rhymefest.
Rhymefest... coolness

new snoop an sly stone

Here is a new one from Snoopy dog and sly stone....

Snoop and sly stone….Dr King remember

Final frame...end of an era

David Vine, who died on Sunday aged 73, was the affable frontman for many popular BBC television shows of the 1970s and 1980s including It's A Knock Out, Miss World, Match Of The Day, Grandstand, A Question Of Sport, Horse of the Year Show and Ski Sunday. He also hosted coverage of snooker, the Eurovision Song Contest, Wimbledon and the Olympic Games.
Known as the BBC's triple-S man – for snooker, showjumping and skiing –the versatile Vine was renowned as a safe pair of hands. Such was his trademark blandness that when Vine retired in 2000, one television critic remarked that satirists and impressionists had found him impossible to mimic. "He hunches forwards and stares intensely into the camera from behind heavy glasses, as worn by Brains of Thunderbirds. His jackets and ties are strictly Man at C&A."
Yet Vine was nothing if not the consummate television professional, reliable, unflappable, at ease with off-the-cuff improvisation and – when the occasion demanded it – not a man to pull his punches. Interviewing the tennis star John McEnroe following his infamous "pits of the world" rant against a Wimbledon umpire in 1981, Vine blinked through his library frames and, mannerly as ever, memorably inquired: "What right do you have to call anyone an incompetent fool?" A stunned McEnroe, now a BBC commentator himself, swore he would never speak to Vine again; in fact he did, the very next day.
In the sleepy, smoke-wreathed atmosphere of 1980s televised snooker, Vine's homely Devonian burblings were well-matched to the hushed commentary of "Whispering" Ted Lowe. In 1985 a record 18 million people watched as Vine was obliged to stay at his microphone until the early hours of the morning to interview Dennis Taylor after his epic win on the last black against Steve Davis. It remained one of his dearest professional memories.
He enjoyed the occasional dig in the ribs, as when Clive James memorably recalled Vine's insistence at the 1978 Kitzbühel skiing that "Britain's sole representative isn't looking for first place today, he's looking for experience." "At that very instant – while Vine was actually saying it," noted James, "Britain's sole representative was upside-down and travelling into the crowd at 60mph, spectators mown down as if by grapeshot."
David Martin Vine was born on January 3 1936 in Newton Abbott, Devon, and attended Barnstaple Grammar School. In 1953 he started his career as a reporter on the North Devon Journal-Herald, and in his spare time played rugby. He joined Westward Television in 1960, subsequently moving to the BBC, where he remained for most of his broadcasting career.
In 1966 Vine began as a compère of It's a Knockout, the popular game show in which teams from British towns competed with each other in contests of extreme silliness, often involving outsize costumes, greasy poles and custard pies. The following year he introduced the tennis championships at Wimbledon when they were televised in colour for the first time, presenting Wimbledon highlights until 1982. In 1970 he was the launch presenter for A Question of Sport (which he hosted for eight years), and in 1973 hosted UK Superstars, which involved him poking a microphone under the noses of exhausted professional athletes who had just participated in various gruelling sporting events.
He provided the BBC commentary for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, and compèred the 1975 Miss World competition, which caused some embarrassment because he could not understand what most of the contestants were saying.
In 1978 Vine was the original television anchorman for the World Snooker Championships at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, and continued to cover the tournament for more than 20 years until his retirement. Vine's friendship with Steve Davis was parodied in a Spitting Image sketch in which Davis boasted: "Here's my favourite chat-up line: I'm a mate of David Vine".
He also anchored coverage of Grand Prix motor racing and UK championship and the Masters' golf.
His last assignment for the BBC was as a weightlifting commentator at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. After his retirement he underwent triple heart by-pass surgery, and later continued working as a consultant for the BBC.
David Vine's first wife, Shirley, died in 1970. In 1972 he married his second wife, Mandy, who survives him with their son, and two daughters and a son of his first marriage.

David died of a heart attack....R I P

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Scarface - High Note (UNCUT VIDEO)

Scarface IS a legend, don't really wanna watch him bang no one but he IS a legend.

Buff1 - Dream Streets (VIDEO)

Ch U...Artists from the Vault #1

To start this i picked a pair of Kunts Nikki s and Nyke

Nicky s and Nyke…Badabar

Nikki s and Nyke…Hey…this takes the piss old pie face Nikki s is a killah

Nikki s I keep pushing

Nikki s and Nyke…oi oi savoloy….you cant make this shit up.

Nikki s and Nyke…ska project 1

Enjoy this pile of shite...pure jokes in these vids

Busta Bitches

Here is the art work for Bustas next album and here is a lil summin summin to get you ready for this joint.

Busta Rhymes ft Jeezy and Jada…..Conglomerate

Friday, 9 January 2009

Pepas...Big bro vid

In an attempt to break the media mainstream cry wanks i am trying to penatrate Big Bro and Davina if i get a chance.
This is no joke i would love to get in there to keep it gully but it will never happen, i did a vid as an audition but when i watched it back i was blown away at how off key the whole affair was.It is real bad and it is shocking to see my mind at work hahahaha.

Enjoy this fuckery Nerks.


Not one new joint...but two fo yo Jada doin what jada does best.

Jadakiss……. Cant stop me

Jadakiss…….I stay ten toes down…The autotune strikes again

Tekneek banger...

Tekneek ft Havoc, Kurupt and Roscoe….Money in da Air

Mobb deep combine with DPG to help TEK with this banger

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Bugger me Backwards....Its RAKIM

RAF footage of RAKIM on YO MTV Raps.

New BIGGIE tracks...from the film OST

With the new movie of BIGS life dropping soon the soundtrack to the flick brngs some RAF gems...enjoy.

Biggie smalls…..microphone murderer..This is a demo from that tape that got him spotted via the Source magazine

BIG …..Guarenteed Raw

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New movies fo 09...Pepas popcorn picks

Gomez the movie a true story….this is the remarkable real story of Michael Gomez the Manchester Mexican…starring the faces of shamless it looks like a good lil brit flick.

Bronson…the story of infamous Brit Crim Charlie Bronson….Yop shit…take a look at real thug life America.

The Watchmen….For you comic gays out there…hahah on the real looks good.

Notorious...the story of BIG aka Big poppa..if you dont know now you know ni@4a

New Jigga....Green Lantern Sound bwoy Remix

Not so long ago we put up Broklyn go hard....well here is the remix...enjoys nerkaz

New Blu...til we die

Here is a new joint from that cat called Blu

New Curtis

Here is a new joint from Fiddy ...i got it mp3 is from the Self destruct ish he is dropping.

Monday, 5 January 2009

The 2008 rap up by SKILLS

This is like a tradition is the last year wrap up bt SKILLS as only SKILLS could do it, enjoy the jokes...shout to DX for this one.
Big tune....yop type shite

UFC......I Love it.

Well nerks apart from being a kunt, bumpin bangers and sorting out the compost heap there is nothin i love more than a good UFC event.
I had a passion for boxing but sometimes the promoters and politics fuck it up, but UFC does not have this problem and Dana white is like the jim a fix it of mma if there is a big fight to be had Dana will make it happen.
Theres alot of talk that Boxing is dying, i dont think it will ever die but it could learn some new tricks from the UFC and make it a glorious sport again.
This may have gone to far by this UFC fan with the 3rd bass style UFC cut but fuck it its a great sport.
The UFC aims at 18 to 40 year olds and provides that range with qaulity nights of fighting. I m off to see the UFC at the 02 in Feb with my mate subsy, octagon side tickets in the hope to see some good MMA action, i cant wait. I may also go see the Haye v Vitali in summer with spliff and doobie.

Dr Dre remix leaks.....set it off or switch it off

Here is a snippit of the Kardinall remix by Dr dre with clipse...see what you think nerks...sorry i could only hit you with this

Friday, 2 January 2009

88 keys ft yay west...stay up viagra video

i was lucky santa brought me 88 keys, elzhi, blackmilk caltroit and tronic and the knux...all great here is the vid to a track i have been bumpin from a solid album.

Dope Dope Dope DADADADADope...Levi 167


It starts with snakes..and uses dope too many times its a classic.

Bishop......i got mp3

Bishop lamont ft Marsha ambrosius…I got it ...produced by focus

Another aftermath banger fresh for o9…nerks
the links not dead i just cant get it to do the click here shit like old spliff copy and paste

pepamill hero # 10...PELE

Pelé...The greatest footballer ever...who else but number 10...fuck that pisshead Best he was over rated and forget rascist Rodney marsh the only guy close is Maradonna. anyway hero number 10 and a great role model...Pele.

Edison (Edson) Arantes do Nascimento, KBE (born 23 October 1940), best known by his nickname Pelé is a Brazilian former football player, rated by many as the greatest footballer of all time. He was given the title of Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee. While his birth certificate shows his first name as Edison (after Thomas Edison), he prefers to call himself Edson, but it is as Pelé that he has become a sporting legend.
In his native Brazil, Pelé is hailed as a national hero. He is known for his accomplishments and contributions to the game of football, in addition to being officially declared the football ambassador of the world by FIFA and a national treasure by the Brazilian government. He is also acknowledged for his vocal support of policies to improve the social conditions of the poor (when he scored his 1,000th goal he dedicated it to the poor children of Brazil).During his career, he became known as "The King of Football" (O Rei do Futebol), "The King Pelé" (O Rei Pelé) or simply "The King" (O Rei). He is also a member of the American National Soccer Hall of Fame.
Spotted by football star Waldemar de Brito Pelé began playing for Santos Futebol Clube at 15 and his national team at 16, and won his first World Cup at 17. Despite numerous offers from European clubs, the economic conditions and Brazilian Football regulations at that time benefited Santos FC, thus enabling them to keep Pelé for almost two decades until 1974. Pelé played as an inside forward, striker, and what later became known as the playmaker position. Pelé's technique and natural athleticism have been universally praised; he was renowned for his excellent dribbling and passing, his pace, powerful shot, exceptional heading ability, and prolific goalscoring.
He is the all-time top scorer in the history of the Brazil national football team and is the only footballer to be a part of three World Cup-winning teams. In 1962 he was part of the Brazilian squad but due to an injury suffered in the 2nd match did not play the whole tournament. In November 2007 FIFA announced that he would be awarded the 1962 medal retroactively, making him the only player in the world to have three World Cup winning medals.
Since his full retirement in 1977 Pelé has been an ambassador for football and has also undertaken various acting roles like escape to victory and commercial ventures

Pele gold