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found this had to put it up....what the fuck is this nut on about...fuct up

Termanology.....nothin iz real

Term is back with m will aka marly marls son, this shit is dope.

Nothin iz real

Pepa seed spits seven questions at Poet...Exclusive

I managed to catch BlaqPoet real quick for seven questions i needeed answered heres what he said>>>>

JPS: The Blaqprint sounds like a classic from the early 90s with 2010 feel, what was your vision for the Blaqprint album?

POET:My vision was a hardcore street hip hop LP and we knocked it outta here!!!

JPS:You teamed up with Easy mo Bee and DJ Premier for Tha Blaqprint. How did this come about and what was it like working with those two legends?

POET:Easy mo is fam. He made badboy pop. His sound is classic I need that and working wit both of them was crazy. I never 4 get it.

JPS:From your days as PHD and a member of Screwball do you think the Blaqprint is your greatest work yet and was it easier or harder to work on than deja screw?

POET:Deja Screw was a lil taste of the blaqprint 2 come me and hotday did our thing with p.h.d. It's on another level and my screwball shit is classic so its only right 2 get better.

JPS:Was there anyone that you wanted to work with on Tha Blaqprint that didn't happen for one reason or another?

POET:I got a lot of thuns known and unknown that want 2 rock but its hectic. Gotta work fast but ima get it in with my thuns.

JPS:Was there anything particular that helped you draw inspiration for the Blaqprint and how did you come up with the name for the album?

POET:I just love this shit and I got the blaqprint 2 this street shit.

JPS:Why did you change your name from PHD and how did you chose Blaq poet?

POET:Me and hotday went different ways and then I made screwball and added the blaq cuz ima blaq mother fucker!!
JPS:What can you tell readers at the pepamill about Blaqpoet that they may not know?

POET:I'm just a real dude ya kno? I'm a fan of hip hop 4 life all kinds of hiphop is healthy 4 the game, I do what I do.
If u feel me fuck with me, if not fuck outta here!!!

JPS: Nice....hahaha ..thanks for your time.

There you have it seven from pepa to BlaqPoet....dude is real

Keeley and zaire video

Here's take two for Keelay & Zaire's "Alright With Me" video featuring Dminor and Phonte, complete with an updated opening sequence and perfected editing. The original version of the video is currently running on MTV's Hot Seat feature along with an interview with the duo. It is also slated to run regularly in MTV's video rotation. The new version opens in the studio of the world famous "Wake Up Show," where we see Phonte, Dminor, Keelay and Zaire speaking to DJ King Tech about the LA rooftop party they have planned for later on that night. The claims of being an underground Nate dogg i struggle with but thats me...

Poet....Hate the leak?

In an exclusive interview with Audible Treats, Blaq Poet and DJ Premier opened up about the state of hip-hop and the music industry.

AT: How did you link up with N.O.R.E. on this track?

Blaq Poet: "Me and N.O.R.E. been tight since way before he popped off, you know, so it was only a matter of time before we got together for a track like this."
Premo: "N.O.R.E. Has been a longtime friend in the industry, and the talk of doing a song one day finally came to light with a quick phone call. Plus he is from the Lefrak Projects and both from Queens... AUTOMATIC YES !!!!"

AT: What is your take on leaking songs?

Blaq Poet: Nowadays, leaking your track is a form of promotion. If your track leaks, it's all good, you have to get it out there. What it comes down to is if your track don't leak, it's not hot!"
Premo: "I think that leaking songs depends on who understands the knowledge of WHEN a leak should go out, and to what DJ's they are leaking out to. The majority of the DJ's on my personal list started at 36 and has now increased to 200 DJ's. I communicate with the ones that are not handcuffed to play what they think is a HOT record, not a playlist from the Program Director; that kills the progress of a good record's set up for more anticipation from the supporters to want to spend money on an album that they can trust will be worth their investment."

AT: Do you think leaking tracks helps or hurts your career?

Blaq Poet: "Before it blew up it used to be seen as hurting. Once it started getting big though, and the labels started seeing it happening it became a tool, they saw they could use it to promote your music. You want your tracks to get leaked."
Premo: "Hip-hop has ALWAYS based on leaking new shit early. It was all originated from what real DJ's call MIXSHOW (cutting, scratching, mixing) and being the tastemaker of breaking new records. If the hip-hop culture had a union of some sort, there would not be so many problems within its structure. My timing of leaking records is great because I have an outlet such as my weekly radio show that is dedicated to sticking to that script."

AT: What do you think about the current status of the music industry?

Blaq Poet: It's poppin! Hip-hop and RnB are still thriving and mixing, you've seen what people like Rick Ross and 50 (Cent) have been doing using the RnB influence in their music. Everything is healthy, hip-hop is good, and the recession didn’t even effect the industry; people are always going to want to eat and listen to their music."
Premo: "The current status of the music industry is very bad for major labels (they stopped caring about the quality of the product and the A&R's at hip hop labels have lost their minds on picking the next good artist to sign). Independent labels have a lot more to offer since hip-hop started from here. Majors were so late signing rap labels to joint ventures after they saw dollar signs. It was good for a while until majors started to kill our culture off by telling us that we are too old to do this after the age of 30. I saw it coming and went right back to independence. We truly care about our customers and we can make what we want, when we want; any indie label that puts out quality product will totally survive.Year Round=QUALITY !"

AT: Where do you think the music industry and hip-hop are heading? What's next for the industry?

Blaq Poet: "With hip-hop, the sky is the limit, you can't say which way its gonna go. Who knows, maybe country hip-hop is going to be the next big thing, I have no idea, I'm waiting to see, too."
Premo: "With the Internet, we are working on a website that will deliver all of the interesting things that I feel that my audience would love to see and buy, from T-shirts, to mix CD's, to rare footage that NO ONE HAS, DVD's,etc. I have been a music junkie since my birth, and I am following in the footsteps of the ones that came before me by making valuable availability of all sorts to the masses and thinking like they think. Just because I am of celebrity status, does not mean that I can't come down from my throne and be amongst the little people, they make the world go round. I never take that "I am above you" approach and stay humble throughout. Only when I'm on stage live is when I flip out, and rightfully so. The supporters spent their money to come out and see a great show. After the last song is played, I'm right back to humble, I win regardless."

check the Hate track feat N O R E below....shouts to michelle for the preem and poet interview

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Damn i miss YO!!!!

enjoy nerks here is some nice bits from YO....R I P


The latest track from Finale's debut album A Pipe Dream & A Promise, "Issues," traces the difficulties of growing up in a less than ideal situation and doing what you have to do to make the best of it. Supported by the electronic beat of Swiss producer Dimlite, Finale spits verses of true stories about those who have had to face adversity in their life. Finale offered this explanation of the track: "When I got the beat, Dimlite just sent me the drums and I wrote it within an hour. I thought of the craziest and most real stories. I think rappers forget to show the moral of the story. I think they are so used to telling the outlandish, most gangsteriffic crap, they forget to tell the stories that people can relate to, like teen pregnancy, like my mom was 15 when she had me."

The song wraps up with a monologue by Prince Whip-A-Whip, a Bronx native rapper and former member of the Cold Crush Brothers, who reminds us of the underlying passion, substance, and self-expression that marked the experience of the early days of hip-hop in the Bronx.


people getting hurt

i just love some funny shit caught on tape.

sand people....

"Money Is On Their Minds"
"Hate Aside"

Being part of a hip-hop crew comes with benefits - never get lonely on the road, never run out of song ideas, the more the merrier, right? Sure, right up until show money and royalty checks need to get split. So Sandpeople, a 10-member hip-hop collective repping Portland, Oregon, have a lot of mouths to feed, and just like Wu needed C.R.E.A.M. back in '93, in 2009, Sandpeople are in pursuit of that almighty greenback with "Money On Their Minds," from Long Story, Short... the Pacific Northwest collective's new studio EP. The money on their mind beat was nice i like the vocal used, check it out millers.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Del Boy...get it

States side Del is still on tour...check his free album its dope.

Remaining Tour Dates:
5/22/2009 Bella Music Fest Harmony Park 11:00 PM Clarks Grove, MN
6/5/2009 The Fillmore 8:00 PM San Francisco, CA
6/6/2009 The Catalyst 9:00 PM Santa Cruz, CA
6/9/2009 Fat Cat Music House tba Modesto, CA
6/10/2009 The Babylon Club tba Fresno, CA
6/11/2009 Fishlips tba Bakersfield, CA
6/12/2009 House of Blues 9:00 PM West Hollywood, CA

love this track off his album...check it millers.
"Get It Right Now"

lauras song

Following the thunder of appraisal for the release of Brooklynati last week, Donwill of Tanya Morgan has thoughtfully created a solo album based on one of the most endearing and all-time favorite movies/novels of our generation, High Fidelity. Today, we're lucky to get a taste of the lead single, “Laura's Song” based on the forthcoming album Tanya Morgan Presents: Don Cusack in High Fidelity. The video for "Laura's Song" has already been released, and as of today the song is debuting on iTunes as a maxi-single, complete with the album version, radio edit, instrumental and a couple remixes. The song parallels the basic outline of the film High Fidelity; chiefly Don's roller coaster pursuit and courtship of his former girlfriend with some music snarkiness and cringe-worthy encounters with past flames thrown in the mix.

Donwill - "Laura's Song"

Frank nitt

Ever since Motown moved to Los Angeles, sunshine and good vibes have been luring the Motor City's most musically minded to make the same migration. Now, one of Detroit's trustiest hip-hop MCs, Frank Nitt (Frank'N'Dank), heads west to team up with producer Terrace Martin (Snoop Dogg's Ego Trippin'), hot hookman J.Black, and Cali legend DJ Quik for the new Delicious Vinyl single: "Love." A perfectly pitched summertime sizzler, "Love" is a celebration of devotion with the slinkiest synths since Zapp and plenty of bump for your swim trunks.

Frank Nitt, well known as half of mad sturdy Detroit duo Frank'n'Dank, has recently been hanging out in L.A. with John "Illa J" Yancey, younger brother of legendary producer James "Jay Dee aka J Dilla" Yancey. As Delicious Vinyl readied the release of Illa J's Dilla-produced debut LP Yancey Boys last year, Frank started playing Delicious Vinyl boss Michael "Mike Floss" Ross a smattering of new tracks.

Frank Frank Nitt - "Love" Featuring Dj Quik & J. Black

Pseudo Slang??

(May 18, 2009 - Brooklyn, NY) Pseudo Slang, a Buffalo, New York based hip-hop duo comprised of rapper Emcee Sick, of the crew Xtracts Of Slang, and producer Tone Atlas, of the crew Pseudo Intellectuals, are proud to announce the release of their new studio LP, We'll Keep Looking due June 2nd via Fat Beats Records.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Madlib Gets Mad In London

Last night at Fabric in London, Madlib did an impromptu rendition of 'The Red' before his Dj set.

He then asked the crowd to make some noise for J Rocc and wasn't too pleased with the response, so he left the stage.

In true hip hop style he came back on after the crowd spazzed out some more and went on to play some heavy beats, all be it in his own unique style.

Monday, 18 May 2009

blaqprint...sampler mixed by Dj premier..first with the shit pepamill

Anticipation for Blaq Poet's Tha Blaqprint has been bubbling for a minute. First, Poet dropped the single; then came the video, bringing the visuals to match. Next came the EPK, and now Blaq Poet, in conjunction with DJ Premier and Year Round Records are proud to bring you Tha Blaqprint Album Sampler. Totaling 21 minutes and 15 tracks, Tha Blaqprint album sampler cuts from track-to-track giving fans a taste of what to expect when the full-length drops on June 30.

The sampler, which includes the fan favorites "Ain't Nuttin' Changed," "Voices," and the recently-circulating "Hate" featuring fellow Queensbridge native N.O.R.E., is full of the gritty, New York boom-bap sound that fans have grown to know, love, and expect from a Blaq Poet album. Musically, the one-and-only DJ Premier, who produced all but two tracks on the album, is responsible for providing that sound, and throughout listening to the sampler it becomes clear that neither Poet nor Premo have disappointed. Tha Blaqprint will be available June 30 via Year Round Records via Fat Beats Distribution.

shouts to michelle...grab it nerks on link below

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Now this shit killled me....Dipshit

I hang with a gang of urang a tangs....remember this shit? the video was dope when it dropt and i loved santanas walk almost a salute to the any way watch the above video then the one below. lantern n young chris

Who wants a free mixtape?? young chris teams with the evil genius to give you a 38 special..get it here

twista?? no love

Twista and the Game link up with mothafukkkin spice 1....yeah spice 1...big MILLERS

No love

Beanie is back

The self proclaimed king of the dancehall is back...old dog like we.

beanieman and busta…jiggle

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Vintage Mystro, Reveal & Doc Brown

A blast from the past...

Doc Brown, Reveal & Mystro spittin' on road after the Canibus show at Subterrania in Ladbroke Grove, 2000.

Friday, 15 May 2009

el michaels...another one

Those jazzy funk brothers are gotta check their album if your into the wu tang clan and the breaks they used on 36 chambers and their other classic albums.

Duel of the iron mic

new chubb rock n wordsmith

Exclusive, the fun and funky "Old 2 The New" from the veteran Chubb Rock and Baltimore's Wordsmith.



j d aka j dilla

Jays gonna stay paid here is a sneak peak at his new album.

j dilla ft havoc n raekwon..24k

Preemo talks poet

Blaq Poet's new album Tha Blaqprint has the cosign that most rappers would give a limb to have. That co-sign is DJ Premier and in this new short video, his praise to Blaq Poet is front and center stage. The video features Premier talking Tha Blaqprint and he’s so excited about the new album he can’t sit still. Watch and listen as Preemo spins in circles (literally) and discusses Poet’s history in the game and what makes Poet unique. Poet's signature hard-core sound is only one of the many reasons why DJ Premier crafted all but two of the Tha Blaqprint’s beats and made it the debut release on his new label, Year Round Records.


Timbaland n wyclef...more bottles

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

tone tank

Tone tank king surf guitar...i dunno about this, what i mean i dont know if i like it so i keep playing it..check it out.

King Of Surf Guitar Rap EP FREE Download

Back to crack?

Poor amy tried and.......fails...weak.

Statement from ?uestlove..moving day

As mayor and on behalf of the city of Brooklynati, it is my pleasure to welcome you and yours to our fantastic city of Brooklynati, USA. As you’ll soon discover, our city prides itself on its cleanliness, diversity and culture. I trust that you will find your new home to be one for which you will take great pride. As far as we are concerned, you have always been from Brooklynati – now its just official.

We are excited for you to familiarize yourself with our many public services – from our historic libraries and world-class parks to our nationally-recognized schools. Whether you are an independent spirit or have chosen to settle down here in our beloved city with your family, there is a wide array of destinations that you’ll be proud to have in your own backyard.

Get to know your local vendors, your neighborhood parks. Visit Queen’s Island for an evening of family-friendly fun or take in a show at any of our great venues on the city’s west side. I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of activities in which to engage, but should you ever need ideas, feel free to visit our Chamber of Commerce’s website at

We look forward to your time here in Brooklynati and welcome you as a citizen!

Check album sampler

Monday, 11 May 2009

the game...Bang along

bang along...The game


Moving daY

classic videos

Devin The Dude Interview Pt.2

Here's the second part of the interview that we did in conjunction with naturalbornspittaz. We worked out that he rolls the blunt in 2m49s but we weren't clever enough to work out how many BPH (blunts per hour) that is... anyone?

Big shout to Dan Greenpeace & Shortee Blitz for makin the interview possible.

Naked....Rihanna and cassie..they love it.

Good girl gone bad? what an arse...

Que cassie leak....Me and you?

I dont know who leaked them...But chris brown done fuct up right....cassie tryin to boost her career?? Both would get da nuts.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pepa goes for a stroll... NAKED!

In a bizarre scene reminiscent of New Jack City, our very own Jr Pepa Seed braves the cold to go for a stroll through the streets of victoria, London.

New mix..K delight

E z is a mix by k delight that is free for all you dudes.....its in the same serious by the man himself and evil ed.


Del...Get it right noww video


"Finale's latest... shows his perseverance paying creative dividends. Grand Finale." - Chairman's Choice Feature, XXL

"Abrasive, impassioned, and heartfelt" and: "A Pipe Dream And A Promise is a solid first effort not to be denied. Motor music indeed." -

"Finale's debut album may be the rap fan's rap scene fan's rap record: really, really unflashy, and really, really good." -

"Finale's mic presence channels Rakim... You would be hard-pressed to find a more inspiring artist in 2009 than this talented and righteous emcee right here." -

"Finale is dope as fuck" the Pepamill

"He brings the best of the city (Detroit) on wax, with an old school mindset and plenty of originality to match. Finale does what the name suggests, providing hard-hitting wit, optimal word play and nimble ability to ride a beat like a Yamaha." -

Dont just take our words....
check the Heat

Friday, 8 May 2009

Informal chat with Devin The Dude

As promised, here is the first part of the informal chat that we had with Devin The Dude after his performance in Kilburn (London, UK) last Monday night.

Devin & Mys cover a few topics including history, weed, stand up comedians and just what he thinks constitutes 'real' hip hop.

What more could you ask for?

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Jah Cure - Call On Me VIDEO

Video for Jah Cure's 'Call On Me', shout out to The Baker for this one.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Erup - Click Mi Finger VIDEO

All you do is click your fingers and young ladies feel like going for a stroll with you. I feel for Erup, I also suffer from the same affliction.

This is a slightly different version to the one that we put up for download a while back, musically I prefer the original but it is entertaining to watch Erup stalking woman in his natty outfit.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Blaq poet....blaq print

Right its true....Poet is comin there will be a blaqout 30th of june...with preemo on the boards for over 90% of the album its gonna smash.
I have had a sneak peak at the album and i aint lying when i say this will be the album of the year for all us real heads.

Illa j.....sounds like love ft Debi Nova

When Jay Dee passed away from complications relating to lupus in February 2006, he left behind an extraordinary legacy of production work and we at the mill thought the world had stopped. The beats he left including hits for Common, Janet Jackson, and Busta Rhymes. One mother lode of previously untouched beats dates from his time working on the Pharcyde's sophomore album, Labcabincalifornia (Delicious Vinyl, 1995). As Delicious Vinyl owner and founder Michael "Mike Floss" Ross explains: "From '95 through '98 Jay Dee was my go-to guy for hot beats and remixes. He was always making beats, always. So there was a select amount of tracks that he composed for me during that time, tracks as good as anything he'd done, only they never got used. When I finally met Illa J last year, I gave him a CD containing those unreleased beats."

In a case of pure serendipity, 21 year-old Illa J had just relocated from Detroit to Los Angeles and constructed a studio built using Jay Dee's recording equipment. He dubbed it Yancey Boys Studios in tribute to their fraternal bond. "Dilla was 12 years older than me," Illa J says. "So back in the day in Detroit I was just a little kid, sitting on the stairs in our house, watching him make those first beats for Slum Village. I always felt my brother's tracks and had an instinct for what I wanted to do over them." When Illa J set to work in early '08 recording the album, the project flowed quickly as he entered the proverbial can't miss zone. The name of the studio rightly became the title of the finished album, Yancey Boys, which is available online and in stores everywhere on Delicious Vinyl Records.

this new joint features debi nova who was a ballet dancer who could have gone big time but went with the singing route.

sounds like love
Are you listening ft Guilty simpson

Buy here

Remember we must pay jay..i throw up the odd joint but i still pay the man nerks.

Devin shows us how he rolls... LITERALLY!

Pepamill & Dem Natural Born Spittaz Boyz caught up with Da Fat Square Twister aka Devin The Dude backstage after his only date in London last night.

Sway was also on stage and comfortably handled the opening slot and kept us all crackin up.

The show itself was incredible, thought Devin was gonna mainly perform new material but he took that shit all the back for most of the show. The crowd lapped it up singing along to nearly every tune! Shouts to Shortee & Yungun in attendance too!

Don't worry, we aint silly, show footage and full interview up soon at &

Monday, 4 May 2009

double ko

Check these double knock outs......unreal

no ron

New one from cam ron and yes no homo....just promo homo


The snatcha drops a gem from his new album due out today produced by pete rock.


Friday, 1 May 2009

pete rock

here is the soul brother....we need him an cl back together and the basement back in action.

Just a word

Blackout 2 bitch

New heater...Rae and ghost join red n meth

4 min lockdown


Before making his entrance into hip-hop, Finale worked as an automotive engineer promising to one day follow his dream of becoming a rapper. Making the rounds at local Detroit open mics and emcee battles, Finale began to mingle with local talents like Guilty Simpson and One.Be.Lo. After emailing some joints back and forth with J Dilla, Finale finally met him backstage at the DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival), where Dilla introduced him to Madlib, saying that he was one of the best in the game. “It was an honor and definitely a defining moment," says Finale. After realizing his passion and talent for hip-hop, Finale decided to finally quit his day job, follow his true passion, and make music a full-time career. After a handful of Fat Beats released singles, an album released with European producer Spier 1200 as a part of The Rawkus 50, and numerous appearances on independent releases from Invincible, eLZhi and others, Finale's official debut LP, A Pipe Dream & A Promise, is available in stores and online everywhere via Interdependent Media.

Right Blackmilk, elzi, Dilla and Guilty kill shit for me at the minute with the game being so take this and bump it.

Big ups to michelle...i must owe her dinner by now.

"A Pipe Dream And A Promise"

"One Man Show" (A Rival 8 Bit Remix) featuring Casual

"One Man Show" prod. by Black Milk 8-bit Videogame Version

"Motor Music" produced by Black Milk

Morgan Blu

With Brooklynati on the way, fans can expect a number of great treats from Tanya Morgan in the coming weeks. To finish off your week right, we give you their brand new single "Morgan Blu ft. Blu" from their forthcoming LP. In a climate where collaborations are forced in an attempt to increase album sales, it's nice to know the pairing of Blu and Tanya Morgan happened organically. Ilyas, one-third of Tanya Morgan, says, "I used to write for Vapors Magazine and I had to interview Blu. I had just heard his album (Below The Heavens) while we were on tour and was blown away. Before and after the interview we chopped it up a bit on some personal shit. I holla'd at him later about the collab and he was down. At the time I had no idea that this collaboration would end up being on Brooklynati, but I'm certainly happy it is."

Morgan Blu

Enjoy Nerkles

kero remix...Talib Kweli..keep it in da pocket

With Kero One's recently released sophomore LP Early Believers receiving high acclaim and great reviews, the Bay Area-based rapper and producer is staying busy. Already back at work in the studio, Kero, whose production skills are featured throughout Early Believers, was hit up by DJ Deckstream to remix Talib Kweli's "Keep It In The Pocket" for Soundtracks 1.5, a compilation project also featuring remix production from the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff. Up until now this remix was only available exclusively in Japan. For fans of Kero living stateside, this remix will serve as an extra-special treat.

Keep it in the pocket

Free del album...not that del u plonker

This is one of the best things i heard in ages.....
Funk Man: The Stimulus Package marks Del the Funky Homosapien's 14th project as he has been in this hip-hop game for almost two decades. Starting at the tender age of 17 as protégé to his cousin, Ice Cube, Del quickly rose to the top of the underground hip hop scene with his albums, I Wish My Brother George Was Here (1991) and No Need for Alarm (1993), both released through Elektra Records. Soon after parting ways with the label, Del joined the Hieroglyphics family, comprised of notable emcees Pep Love, the Souls of Mischief, Casual, and Domino. In 1998 the critically acclaimed album 3rd Eye Vision was the first to be released under the Hieroglyphics Imperium label and since then Del has had consistent success with his solo and joint efforts, including Deltron 3030 (2000), Gorillaz (2001), Full Circle (2003), and Eleventh Hour (2008) to name a few.

Anyway a nice young lady in New york hit me with this and said let the millers have this.....A free Del Album.

the game...Bang along

The game bang along

not ground breaking but summers coming and it will get bumped then