Friday, 31 October 2008

Gay...Dick Ryder...Gayest name EVER

This is just one of many Dick Ryders, he has the Gayest Name voted by Pepamill heads.....Below is another infamous Dick Ryder...aka...Hep c

Krumbsnatcha - Feeling

It's 'Snatcha Season' again bitches! Ex-Gang Starr buddy Krumbsnatcha's album 'Hidden Scriptures' is due February, with guest slots from Pete Rock, Tony Touch, Craig G and ED OG.

Here's the lead track, produced by The Beatminerz...

Krumbsnatcha - Feeling

Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (Tasters Choice Remix)

Damn, I swear i've tried not to post any US election related shit on here. First there was the Premo mix that I had to slip through the net, now there's this. I'm a bit of a Black Sheep fan boy so it got posted. If you were trying to find a place to hide from the US election then I apologise, we can argue it out later.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it's Gnarls Barkley promoting his new EP 'Who's Gonna Save My Soul?' out on 11th November.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Predator Rap!

Ice Cube ain't got shit on this! If you were a fan of the film you'll love this commentary rap by The Anomalies. Shout to J Breezy for bringin' this to the attention of Da 'Mill.

Here's a little teaser from the Savvy camp. Asaviour Is gearing up to drop his LP 'A Loop Theory' and as a prequel he's thrown out an entire mixtape for you guys to consume.

It includes exclusive material taken from the LP aswell as remixes tracks from some of there peers & Influences like Flying Lotus, Carlos Nino, and also legends of dubstep like Benga & Skream. All of this is mixed cut slashed and mashed together by up and coming Brighton based super producer Hal 1200 and the one a only DJ IQ.

Get it here :

1) Intro
2) Asaviour - Gully - feat Apatight
3) Asaviour & DJ IQ - Gatheround feat Jehst
4) TI - Swagger Like Us -feat Kanye West, Jay Z & Lil Wanye
5) Asaviour & DJ IQ - Beefy
6) Benga - 26 basslines
7) Skream - Rutten
8) Hal 1200 - Hustle & Hope REMIX - feat Asaviour, Pride, Kyza & TB
9) Teriyaki Boyz - Zock on - feat Pharrell & Busta Rhymes
10) Flying lotus - Roberta Flack (Ahu) - feat. Dolly
11) De Javaanse Jongens - On You
12) Carlos Nino (white label)
13) Daru & Rena - Excuse (Inst)

Mixed by Hal 1200 & Dj IQ
Hosted by Asaviour

Illa J ft. Guilty Simpson - R U Listenin

We're a bit late with this but I like the track so fuck it...

Another track from J Dilla’s brother off his forthcoming LP 'The Yancey Boys'. This is the flip to 'We Here'.

Illa J ft. Guilty Simpson - R U Listenin (Prod. by J Dilla)

M.O.P. Up The Ante On WWE

It's the turnaround motha fuckers!! How many times have you heard stories about obscure artists sueing hip hop acts for bundles coz they sampled a grunt from a skit on thier LP? That shit makes me sick, well now its our turn.

The guys from M fuckin' O fuckin' P realised that WWE's John Cena had sampled them at the start of his ring theme (yeah funny, i know) called 'My Time Is Now'. The track has been widely used throughout WWE promotions and on DVD's and other merchandising. Listen to the start of ante up, then the start of John's 'Ring-Theme' (ha ha) check it out...

M.O.P. "Ante Up"

John Cena "My Time Is Now"

Of all the things to sample he chose the M.O.P. battle cry, let's hope Bill & Fame take the fucker to the cleaners, this could be the start of something great.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tales from the Pepa seed...Vol 1....all true Nerks!

The Faint....Balloon sack

Right.....set your mind back to 1998, Gangstarr's 'Moment Of Truth' is banging on the whip system, i'm rolling with Dj Blufoot and we are in Wandsworth, it's about one in the morning its just turned to new years eve morning. We're catchin' jokes and the car has 'in-car smoke system' mary jane flavour and bang in the rear view...Blue lights..the old Bill!

So Blu gets out and we have the normal chinese stand off, the pigs smell the mary j and its search time. We are in a blue golf and we are stopped by a riot van...believe that whats the chances?
Any way we are stopped as a brake light is out and the pigs swarmed and smelt the essance. They search car find an empty bag, they search Blu, sweet, they search me...uh ohh I have 2 grams of hash oil, rzas and a knife...i m nicked.

The pigs think its a new form of heroin and they are getting pumped, what happens next is unreal but very true. I have to explain its green skunk oil and thats why i have a knife. I then have to show them how to roll up with it, as they are asking where my needles and foil are.... After rolling spliffs 101 for the policemen i'm put in riot van after trying to blag them to just allow it. At the time i was on a 12 month conditional discharge that ran out on dec 31st that year, so that night which would mean no bail, straight to court and lock up.

I'm in riot van on way to Wandsworth nick and i'm filling the old bill in on where i'm from 'The Sticks' and saying "shit, i'm fuct i'm on lock up". They think i'm goin over the top till I get to the nick. I m booked and the Custody Sergeant asks where i m from etc, I say i'm from Broadmoor area and he laughs, how mush trouble can you get in the sticks? Suddenly he goes from joking to "oh shit, take him to the cell", so i'm in cell, blue matress I lay down and think "shit, bang up".
Just as i'm thinkin "right, gotta ring brief, its xmas, happy new year, nice!", the door opens and a copper comes in saying "you lucky lil bastard, come with me". I'm taken to front desk, i said "why?" he said some dude has gone nuts with a samari sword and all nicks are full and your last in but first out Country boy! So they do prints and dna swob and pic and i m told "your free to go with a caution"...lucky lucky should be doing 2 years for breaking discharge.

So i'm nicked and in & out of nick in 20 mins, sweet! I ring Blu and he rolls to nick and picks me up, I break it down and he's laughin but we are weedless, so he rings Sonny Slim to grab some weed to celebrate my freedom. We drive 35 mins to Sonny Slim's area and we dunno where his yard is, so we say meet at train station. We are waiting and then, out of no where, old bill car! Can you believe it? The old bill pull up and we are like "shit!", they ask us what we are doin and have we seen youths round here smashin up the station. We say no we are waitin for a mate to come take us to there house, the copper says ok and rolls off in whip. Within 5 mins Sonny turns up and we roll to his, cop some weed, each rollup and roll heading for Blu's.

it's now 0330 in the morning we are buzzing driving and then bang in the rear view Blu says "no way man"... old bill.. I freeze thinkin shit, blu says oh fuck....what?...Dog van! Thats it, my nuts disappear and my ballbag's like a deflated balloon..I tell Blu and say "what if we get pulled?" he says "i'll just faint" we start laughin and are just about to pull over before we get blues and twos then the dog van over takes and does one....lucky bastards.

We arrive at Blu towers, roll up and laugh at an incredible but true scrape with the pigs.

Clean Sweep Riddim (Dirty)

More bashment, loads of artists on this one, see the tracklist below...

Assassin - Gweh
Assassin - Sen It
Boom Dandimite - Craab Up
Bounty Killer - Social Responsibility
Chino - Nug Lef Mi Strappin
Dangel - First Lady
Demarco - Ghetto Life Hard
Elephant Man - Please
Einstein- Beat It
Flexx - More Money
Flippa Mafia - When You Say Floss
Ishawna - I Love You
Lady Ali - Hot Gal Anthem
Macka Diamond & Don Mafia - Hungry
Tony Matterhorn & Pamputae - Some Do SOme Don't
Nitty Kutchie - Let It Beat
Power Man - Born To Be Rich
Serani - Gi Me A House
Sizzla - Education Is The Key
Vybz Kartel - Kuff Kaff Kweff
Wayne Marshall - Look Ahead

DOWNLOAD - Clean Sweep Riddim (Dirty)

Busy Signal ft. Sean Paul & Busta Rhymes - Gun dem bark (REMIX)

Look into this dogs eyes, dont anger him, you don't wanna make the guns dem bark.

Here's the remix of the already dope bashment & hip hop sandwich from the man of the moment, Busy Signal. Joining him for this cut are the top 40 bashment king, Sean Paul and hip hop's favourite chocolate chicken, Busta Rhymes.

Busy Signal ft. Sean Paul & Busta Rhymes - Gun dem bark (REMIX)
'Hipster Rap'? Here at Da 'Mill we like to refer to it as 'Marmite Rap' (see 'The Knux' posts). Buff1, an artist that we have been supporting for a while now, has put together a special mix cd with Dj Graffiti 'Hipster’s Need Soul Too' to break the whole Hipster/Marmite shit down for you.

Here's a track off of it...

Buff1 - What Does Hipster Mean?

EPMD - Listen Up

Here’s the first official single off Erick and Parrish’s upcoming album 'We Mean Business', out 9th December.

Featuring guest appearances from Reggie Noble (of course), Havoc, Raekwon and KRS-One, this could be a return to form. I've got my fingers crossed.

EPMD - Listen Up

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The KnuX - Life in a Cage (Electric)

One more record off the forthcoming LP from 'marmite crew' The Knux. 'Remind Me in 3 Days…' drops tomorrow.

The KnuX - Life in a Cage (Electric)

Q-Tip feat. D’Angelo - Believe

This is the proper PROPER version as it will appear on the 'The Renaissance' LP, which incidentally goes on sale 4th November.

Q-Tip feat. D’Angelo - Believe

Sean Price Interview

Splash magazine caught up with Jesus Price.

Dj Premier - Time 4 Change Mixtape


I've stayed well clear of anything US Election related so far coz, well, I'm from the UK and as much as i'm interested in the result, the journey to get there doesn't interest me that much.

That is, until Premo got involved....

01 DJ Premier & Biggest G - Time 4 Change
02 Nygz - Policy
03 Big Shug - When I Strike
04 House Of Reps - U Gotta Love Us
05 Termanology - Hold That
06 Blaq Poet - Ain’t Nuttin Changed
07 Prodigy - Veterans Memorial Pt. 2
08 Statik Selektah Ft. MOP, Jadakiss - For The City
09 Young Maylay - I Showed You
10 D-Flow (DITC) - Like Dat
11 Scarface - Emeritus
12 Jake One Ft. Little Brother - Bless The Child
13 Ludacris Ft. Floyd Mayweather - Undisputed
14 LL Cool J - Dear Hip Hop
15 DJ Revolution Ft. Planet Asia - School
16 Bumpy Knuckles - The OG Pt. 3
17 Royce Tha 5′9″ - I Gotta Shake This
18 DJ Revolution Ft. KRS-One, DJ Premier - The DJ
19 Black Milk Ft. Pharoahe Monch, DJ Premier, SeanPrice - The Matrix

DJ Premier - Time 4 Change (Mixtape) | Mediafire

Monday, 27 October 2008

Devin da Dude...High yall pt 2

Here is some more of Devins video blogs, these are fresh fo yo ass...What a job this is

Some live Devin da Dude

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Trust me aint nobody Humpin around...

Bobby breaks it down...

Bobby will fuck you up.

My top contender for best drug taker was Bobby brown...can you handle this lol

Meet Rat Roy

Rat roy...genius

Check the Bar B q thief....Busted

Cracky Cracky Cracky

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Buck buck buck take that wit you on ya way down.....

Bugger me backwards its G rap...R A F Live performance from 93 94 Fall back Nerks

Rick james Bitch!! Best celeb drug taker EVER

Well i be stoned, the winner of the mills best drug taker ever was Rick James, with 33% of votes he beat off (no homo) Pepa mill Fav Bobby Brown and Richard Pryor.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Big in Bayern..Layda hoes down

Words from the seed
Big in Bayern….Lay the hoes down in lederhosen..hahaha wsup to the German heads I love German woman summin about them makes me wanna grind the salt shaker you get me…check the hottie in pic…I ?mean Stiffy Graf used to get more love than wimbledon off me and she nose it. C'mon you would

Shit been a crazy couple of days at work between the kids I work with and the death midget that’s on site its like working in a bad christmas film. I work in a school for kids with ocd, asd, opp and adhd…some of the staff there are so old they wouldn’t get to get in the cast of cacoon. There are more mooses on site than in Canada, the woman staff are so ugly their make up runs away from their face is ridic.
Also at my place is hunchback nick who always has the hump and shamoo the woman whale that bores the shutout of you just with the breeze she leaves as she walks past.
Anyway my works like a mix of Scum and national lampoon meets on the buses, every now and then even I get fed up with getting called a kunt and kicked or punched by some 4 stone 6 year old or by some 14 stone 16 year old but you just gotta take it.

I REALLY SHOULDN’T TALK ABOUT MY WORK…….so I best leave it there for now eventhough I would love to tape it and put up a day in the life of Pepa.

What made me laugh the other day was how the News started using the word Merky and its getting more frequent, “the recent economy crisis leaves merky times for Britain” said BBC news reporter as he finished I waited as I expected to see Dizzy or Some other Grime cat come on and say…”Ya dunn know Man get merked in da financial climate of today ya know..”

Anyway I m off to look at steph graf pics in abit you Nerks

Dj Vadim Cancer Fundrasier

Just wanted to pass on this info, should be a dope night, check the line up...

£5 in advance £7 on the door

Advance tickets available from / 0844-477-100

Donations can be made through

When we heard the news that one of our November guest’s, DJ Vadim, had been diagnosed and treated for a rare form of eye cancer (Ocular Melanoma) we decided there was only one thing for it and that was to get his permission to throw one of our usual off the hook parties with an incredible line up in his honor and give all the profits to Cancer Research UK.
So that is exactly what we are going to do.

We have been over the moon with the response from all the DJs & MCs who have jumped on board for this event. We have what is undoubtedly one of the biggest lines ups of UK talent in club history with Foreign Beggars, Killa Kela, Yungun, Vadim’s wife Yarah Bravo, Kashmere, Infinite Lives & Verb T all performing live the stage is going to be more full of stars that the milky way.

As per usual the ground floor will be dedicated to the very finest Hip-Hop sounds with resident Spin Doctor joined by Mr Thing, The Last Skeptik, Khy Boogie, Chris Read, the Livin’ Proof crew of DJ Snips, Rags & Khalil. Depending on the rate of his recovery we may even be blessed by a set from the man that has inspired this whole event DJ Vadim.

In the bar upstairs the music policy is thrown wide open to the full spectrum of soulful sounds and taking advantage of it are even more stella names; Ross Allen, Dom Servini, A-Cyde, Kyri R2, DJ LoK and bringing her feminine charms to proceedings is Katie Skillz.

All DJs are giving their time for free and the venue has kindly waved it’s usual hire fee so we are sure to make a load of money for this very worthy cause. If you are interested in donating please do so through

All proceeds from this event will go to Cancer Research UK

Jedi Mind Tricks - Godflesh

JMTs are back with a new LP 'A History Of Violence' on sale from 11th November. Here's a sample of what you can expect, as if you didn't already know...

Jedi Mind Tricks - Godflesh

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Here's the video for Big Shug's Dj Premier produced 'My Boston' featuring Singapore Kane and Termanology. Shug's album 'Otherside Of The Game' is out on 4th November.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Illustrate - The Stuff

After the critical acclaim he recieved from his debut EP 'Bedroom Production' and mix CD 'Get The Picture', Ollie Bates AKA Illustrate has finally dropped his debut LP 'The Stuff' on Headcount Records.

Officially released worldwide on November 17th - Disorda @ has the product available to buy exclusively as of yesterday!

We tied up the CEO of Headcount Records and tortured him with animal porn until he gave us this radio edit for you to download...

Illustrate - The Stuff (radio edit)

ASN Ft AZ,FT,P.A. & Kiesha Shontelle - On The Road


LFDPM gives you the SP on this new VLS outta MA, Make sure you DL the CDQ ASAP....

Boston's ASN hooks up with Brooklyn legend AZ, underground vet F.T. [Fuc That], Toronto's P.A. & vocalist Kiesha Shontelle for this track called "On The Road"

ASN Ft AZ,FT,P.A. & Kiesha Shontelle-On The Road

Oh, and while we're kind of on the subject of FT, check this little piece of neon-ness...

FT-I Cannot Be Stopped (Prod By Black Milk)

DJ Babu ft. MF Doom & Sean Price - The Unexpected

We brought you the tracks with M.O.P. & Bishop Lamont a coupla months ago, now Dj Babu teams up with Jesus Price & Viktor for this track from his forthcoming LP Duck Season 3, in shops 28th October. I know its not trendy to buy music anymore but you could at least buy the good LPs, couldn't you?

DJ Babu ft. MF Doom & Sean Price - The Unexpected

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Vee Kay ft. Wordsmith, Dubbledge & Micall Parknsun - Lok Dat


We managed to negotiate another banger from Vee Kay's 'Audio Workout' LP. This time its the three muskateers, Wordsmith, Dubbledge & Micall Parknsun on mic duties. As always, if you like what you hear then cop the LP online from 24th November.

Vee Kay ft. Wordsmith, Dubbledge & Micall Parknsun - Lok Dat

Q-Tip ft. Eve - Gettin Up (Remix)

Remix of the Q-Tip joint featuring everyones favourite 'Cunnivore', Eve.

Q-Tip ft. Eve - Gettin Up (Remix)

Saigon ft. Lil' Fame - WW4

I dunno what happened to WW3, I didn't miss something did I? Anyway, here's a track from Peter Rosenburg's forthcoming EP entitled 'A Rosenburg Oddisee'. Here's what he had to say about it...

"A week from tomorrow, I am dropping “A Rosenberg Oddisee”, a six song EP recorded in one day and produced entirely by my man Oddisee. This is the first record I wanted people to hear. Saigon absolutely murders this track and Lil Fame showing up was completely random. It was truly hip hop magic and don’t you worry–it was all captured on video (more on that later). The EP features tracks from Buckshot, Skyzoo, Nikki Jean, and more. It is honestly one of the best hip hop EPs I’ve ever heard. I know I’m talking mad sh*t, but I absolutely LOVE this record. And those of you unfamiliar with Oddisee–GET FAMILIAR!"

Saigon ft. Lil Fame - WW4 (Prod. by Oddisee)
| (Dirty, Clean, Instrumental)

Monday, 20 October 2008

Pepamill hero # 8...Benny ill

Alfred Hawthorne Hill (21 January 1924 – 19 April 1992,better known as Benny Hill, was a prolific English comic, actor and singer, best known for his television programme, The Benny Hill Show.....I was just gonna put clips up but tought...fuck that pepa this dude is a Don king.
In 1969, his show moved from the BBC to Thames Television, where Benny hill Show remained until cancellation in 1989, with an erratic schedule of one-hour specials.
Ben Elton denounced him as a "dirty old man, tearing the clothes off nubile girls", and other British alternative comedy performers in the 1980s followed, portraying themselves by contrast as "alternative", enlightened and socialist. The Independent newspaper opined the vendetta was "like watching an elderly uncle being kicked to death by young thugs". Since Elton achieved his own mainstream success with similar material he has been denounced in his turn as a "hypocrite" and "sell-out" and everyone knows just how funny ben elton is all those classic sketchs….like um like um…like none pompous prick.
A common criticism was that Hill played a dirty old man who chased women in public places, but his producer, 1979-89, Dennis Kirkland, said it was the women who chased Hill in anger for undressing them, all of which were done accidentally by some ridiculous means. An article on Saturday, 27 May 2006 in The Independent quoted Hill and Dennis Kirkland as saying they believed this misrepresentation demonstrated critics could not have watched his programmes. Cherri Gilham, who worked as a featured artist on the shows from 1972 -75, remembers the 'runoff's', as they were known, to alternate between chasing and being chased in a crocodile, which sometimes would change midway behind a tree coming out the other side with the chasers being chased. To quote his biographer Mark Lewisohn, "In Britain, Benny Hill is taboo . . . " His show is rarely repeated on terrestrial, satellite or cable TV, although it has recently been aired on the BBC America cable channel. An Australian channel, Seven Network showed some episodes as part of a "Great Comedy Classics" slot. This is a shame Hill brought up a nation on his slapstick postcard humor…instead he was outcast and left in bits….a true icon and Pepamill hero.
Benny Hill died on or about 19 April 1992, Easter weekend, alone in his flat at 7 Fairwater House, Twickenham Road, Teddington, South West London, at the age of 68. On 21 April, neighbours called the police, who then found Hill, deceased, sitting in his armchair in front of the television. On the day Hill died, a new contract arrived in the post from Central Independent Television.
Hill was too ill and gets props to this day still anyone who doesn’t find hill funny should go back to getting fondled by their dad and uncles.

Benny Hill Gold

Benny hill Bitch fall back Nerk

M9 - 144,000

is heavy and his LP 144,000 is out on 10th November on Dark Matter Records, here's some press release info...

"144,000 will leave any head open, with guest features from the mighty JEHST, M9’S own TRIPLE DARKNESS family, Detroit WU TANG affiliate, BRONZE NAZERETH and tight as A hole production from the Pete Rock and Premier of the British Isles CHEMO and BEATBUTCHA alongside the impossibly talented JON PHONICS, there can truly only be one very dope outcome."

Da 'Mill tracked down the video to 'Strange Fruit' to wet your appetite...

M9 - Strange Fruit

pre album launch party was held last week at a packed Carhartt store in Covent Garden with special guests, Jehst, Micall Park n sun, Kyza, Triple Darkness and Sir Smurf lil. You can also catch him at The Rhythm Factory on the 22nd Oct, Cargo on the 4th November and supporting GZA [Wu Tang] on the 13th November.

Sammy Scarfo ft. Ghostface Killah - Jesus Loves You

Pepamill friend Sammy Scarfo teams up with GFK for this stonker.

Sammy Scarfo ft. Ghostface Killah - Jesus Loves You

The guys over at Vimby catch up with Raphael Saadiq in the studio and give us a sneaky peeky at his new video for 'The Way I See It', on sale NOW.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Borris...London Mayor...Fall back Bucko

Due to the mill going big around the world...Wsup Germany, Canada and America...i thought i would share the London mayor with you...enjoy

Borris spear on german with the best thing ever on a footy pitch...get a pampers he is class

Borris and the Terminator THE HATER.

Borris and Paxman...BIG

Borris on ping pong...Yeah you better get to know whiff waff pal

The ode to Borris

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Look At His Face Now...

Bang Bang Boogie - The Anthem

Come on, lemme see you do the bang bang boogie...

Eminem - I’m Having A Relapse

Guess who's back?... Every now and then I try to hate on Em but it's hard, even when he does that real pop shit he still makes me laugh.

Eminem - I'm having a relapse

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Vybz Kartel - Bend Dung Low (Dj Rambo Remix)

Stare at this picture ^, while listening to this tune.....

Vybz Kartel - Bend Dung Low (Dj Rambo Remix)

p.s. Rambo handled this properly!

Statik Selektah ft. Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz & Talib Kweli - Talkin Bout You (Ladies)

Statik Selektah's LP 'Stick To The Script' goes on sale on 21st October and is shaping up to be a very good LP, check the schmooooveness of this tune... lovin' the chorus too.

Statik Selektah ft. Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz & Talib Kweli - Talkin Bout You (Ladies)

ATCQ - Phife = Show must go on..

Here are a Tribe without..phife due to medical problems doing their thing...Q tip smacks it here on Dennis Miller live.

Ron Jeremy talks to Super Seed

I got the chance to catch up with Ron jeremy to ask him that one magik question...

JPS..”Hi Ron you allgood been a loooong time”
Ron….”Yes pepa love the blog…When do I make it as a pepamill hero?”
JPS..”Oh shit..hahahha”
JPS..”Anyway Ron whats on your Ipod?”
LL cool j…That’s how Im comin
Mc Serch…Here it comes
Sadat x ,Fat joe and diamond D …Nasty hoes
Akinyele….Take a lick
Akinyele…Pussy makes the world go round
Akinyele….Put it in ya mouth
NWA…Just don’t bite it
NWA….Rather fuck you
Geto Boyz…Let a ho be a ho
Geto Boyz….Gangsta of love
2 Live crew….Me so Horny
Jean Grae aka nut nut..nut nut show
Redman..Sooperman lover parts 1 to 5
Bone Thugs..Creepin on a cum up.. XP, AZ N SP..The Hardest
Pete rock n cl….Skins
2 Live crew…pop that pussy
Scarface..Fuck faces
Dr Dre an Devins…I just wanna fuck you
Rah the rugged man…Cunt renaissance
Kool G rap…Talk like sex
Kool G rap…Operation C B
Ludacris…pussy poppin
Eazy E..Gimme that Nut
Ice cube…Get off my dick and tell your bitch to come here…..You know that classic type shit”

JPS…”SHIT…What about your joint though?”
Ron..”HAHAHH..aaaahh…Kid ya killin me..You mean freak of the week ? the joint I did with my man Polo?”
JPS..”Yeah man love that shit…Granpa munster kills it you two are tight right”
Ron…”Well you know I smash mics and fuck dykes…hahah”
JPS…”Thanks Ron”
Ron..”No thank you seed…hahaha..Get me on the pepamill heros list pepa”

Here is Ron and DJ Polo…Yes that Polo with Freak of the week.

The Knux - Fire

It has become apparent to us here at Da 'Mill that these guys are a bit 'Marmite'. Personally i'm a fan but you'll have to make your own mind up.

The Knux debut LP 'Remind Me in 3 Days…' is on sale from 28th October, cop it if you like Marmite.

The Knux - Fire

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

R A F.....Well fuck me its RAKIM



Just funny you fat bastard....peace

Bashy Bashy Classy Classic

Eazy you know we love a good boogle or thunderclap @ the mill so here are some little gems from last year.

Assassin…Gully sittin ..Gutter type spittin with a video to match, Assassin is consistant and powers out riddem after riddem one of my favz.

Movado…Dying...Movado is a killer and again one tune that gets bumped hard.

Just one of those days..dry cry….Sizzla everybody can relate to this tune from a monumental artist that gets more love than Callum video but some nice snaps overstand.

Mystro & Son Veneno practice session...

More 'Blu Footage' from 'Blu Movies', this time old clips of Mystro ironing out some creases with his old band Son Veneno in 2007.

No rapping involved but good to see musicians at work. The seven of them cramped in that little room cracked me up.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Common - Reminding Me (Blufoot Remix)

First in a series of lost gems from yester-year. This particular obscurity is Blufoot's remix of Common's 'Reminding Me (Of Sef)'. I think it was made on a four track tape deck and Akai 3000.

Common - Reminding Me (Of Sef) (Blufoot 97 Remix)

Pat's Fun House #3

Frankie Boyle

I went to see the Glaswegian Mock The Week/Pepamill Hero star on Sunday night at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. Here's how it went:

Feeling knackered and hungover from getting pissed and dancing to a genius Mr Thing set at Funkbox on Saturday night (huge props to Cro & friends for Funkbox, a truly wicked night, and also to Averageman for putting me on to it), climbing to the Grand Circle of the Alexandra Theatre is not good for your head. I don't fear heights normally, but after the consumption of some medicinal herbals and the strength of the hangover, I was having that "zooming in whilst dollying away" effect going on in my brain that Hitchcock uses in Vertigo and that Spielberg riffed on in Jaws. We was up on some in the Gods type shit.
Anyway, we settled into our seats and got ready for a couple of hours of hilarity. The warm up guy came out and picked on some people in the audience, setting the tone for the evening by singling out a 16 year old girl who was with her mum and asking her about getting fingered behind the bins at the school disco. Ouch. Mr Warm Up finished off by saying "Frankie's coming out now. For those that haven't seen him before he's kinda like drinking 10 pints of Guinness: sooner or later you're gonna see some dark shit"
So out comes Frankie, hurling abuse at the front row immediately and absolutely slating Birmingham in that sarcastically-rich slow drawl. After some more interplay with the audience, he launched into a routine which covered all manner of bad taste subjects: child abuse, nonces, cunts and wanking, murder and some other shit, mostly new material with some stuff i'd heard off of Mock The Week before thrown in for good measure. He dropped some brutal lines "You see that Shannon Mathews: it's always the ugly ones who turn up alive...", most of which the crowd lapped up. Then about half way through he opened the show up to the audience by doing a sort of Q&A. So he invited people to shout out questions that he could then ramble on about and work some horrendously bad taste joke into. This kind of freestyling was quite incredible to witness as it was all off the cuff and all funny, but within the same dark tone as the rest of the performance. Very impressive.

Just to conclude then: Frankie Boyle = funny

My favourite line of the whole show was when someone shouted out "Jade Goody or Kerry Katona" and he mentioned that having sex with Jade Goody post-cancer op would be like fucking an open grave. Cott Dayam.

Evil Ed & Conspicuous - Don't Worry


After much high-level executive negotiations Da 'Mill made a last ditch, heartfelt appeal to Evil Ed for a track from his forthcoming LP with Conspicuous called 'The Get Together' and we struck GOLD!

Check the tracklist...

1. 81's Favourite Son
2. BBQ feat. Seanie T, Doc Brown, Konny Kon, T-Bear, Broke N English (vuts by K-Delight)
3. Marvelous feat. Ric Branson & Grimlok
4. Don't Worry
5. Big Headed feat. Willo Wispa, Mudmouth & Apollo (cuts by Evil Ed)
6. The Get Together
7. Ill-Out feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Jehst, Swave Sevah, Dubbledge & L.I.F.E. Long (cuts by Eddie Skratch)
8. Where Did We Go Wrong (skit)
9. You & Me (Never Could Happen)
10. Time After

Here's a radio version of 'Don't Worry' to get your teeth into and while you wait to buy the full LP why not go here and have a read up... (more tracks to hear there too!)

Evil Ed & Conspicuous - Don't Worry (radio)

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Kids...Getting fuct by the law pepa style

Right i dunno about you but kids are a mothafuckah, i m on some Bernie Mac shit (RIP)...i will fuck a kid up. I aint talkin about my kids i m talkin about your or some other dudes kids that are little shits.
These days kids ain t got no P or Qs unless they are listening to kano or they are doing weed deals in the bin chute of the block...these lil fuckers dont respect their olders. I aint havin it no more, i started a one man war of pulling cards and making these little punks shit a brick or look stupid. One way i do this is just by walking in the shops past a gang of kids and stopping and looking at the smallest one, i then lunge at them and shout.."What did you say...go on what did you little fukin nerk i dare you" the face goes from cheeky wide by to shoegazzy in seconds. I am like the Berkshire version of Bronson (Charles or Mr from Grange hill) without the tash or the Deathwish anyway i watch these peado..and pick out the Hoodie clan from the good kids..and the chav hoodies get their cards pulled.

Pepa aka Bronson
Another payback is Oi this is a goodone they shit their calvins and you get to piss ya self at the outcome..i did one of these the other week with spliff...We was loungin in Blutowers and saw two little fuckers being a bit naughty so from the top floor of the block i shouted.."Oiiiiiiiiiiii" they ran for 1400 meters round a corner over into a next estate and stopped runnin but acting i shouted again a bit louder...:"OOOOiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" they was off like they had a rocket in their arse i swear anyway they thought they got away and i let rip..."OOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII YOU" they hurdled a fence and was gone with pants shitted...and me and Spliff richard laughed mental payback..its the best way to fight the hoods...I urge you to try this.
The thing that really gets me is these little thick thug school drop outs are breading at a ridic rate...which also means at the minute they are getting laid more than me...that aint a good look.
I know i m at that grown man stage cos now i can rock a cap and the old bill dont even look at me a few years ago it woulda been a stop and search and all that.

These kids are fuct man i dont get em we used to leave school have a end of year party in a park all get pissed and finger a bird or throw up and do some Jesus type shit by sharing a qauter of Red seal between 100 kids and everyone got lean. Now kids leave school cop a gun or knife and stab a classmate while having unprotected sex high on crack filming it on their phone to put on Bebo or Youtube that night ...whats up with glue?..these kids just jump straight in to the hardcore.

Kids hey...bloody kids...if you are a good parent you get props but if you aint and your kid comes in sayin they shit their pants some dude went ape shit at them...its your fault.
Anyway i m off to school my boys on the diffrence between a clean rat and hot dog warta in a bit you Nerks.

The vault 2

Easy peeps...just some classics i loved as a yoooooooot man so sit back and check some of that goood ole ish...

Da Lench mob.....Love the predator rip off...what a tune

Nwa..100 miles and runnin i loved this track and still do the video is everything a hip hop video should be

Pepamill hero # 7...The Grinder

Clifford Charles Devlin (Cliff) Thorburn (born January 16, 1948 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) is a retired professional snooker player. His slow, determined style of play earned him the nickname The Grinder. I liked the Grinder because he went slow and was always playin at his own pace, he got caught doing coke and was banned in 1996 but he was often overlooked as a great due to explosive players like Higgins, white and the great Davis.

Thorburn's finest moment came in the 1980 World Championship. He met Alex Higgins in the final, two personalities that could hardly be more different. Thorburn won the match 18-16 to take the championship, and rose to number two in the world rankings. The BBC's coverage of the final had been interrupted by the broadcast of live footage of the SAS storming the Iranian Embassy. The following season Thorburn reached the number one spot. In 1977 and 1983 he lost in the World final to John Spencer and Steve Davis respectively. In the latter final his wife had miscarried shortly before the match which may partly explain his very heavy defeat by Davis.

In 1983, Thorburn became the first player to make a maximum 147 break at the World Championships. The achievement took place in a match against Terry Griffiths, and was made more notable by the fact that it stopped the match going on at the tournament's second table: Thorburn's friend and fellow Canadian Bill Werbeniuk wanted to watch the break instead of playing his own match; and joined in the celebrations with Thorburn and Griffiths when the break was completed. That same year, he was made a Member of the Order of Canada. During the 2006 World Championships, Thorburn flew to Sheffield to unveil a lifesize painting of his break, by the artist Michael Myers. It is on display at the Macdonald St. Paul's Hotel in Sheffield.

Giggs & Joell Ortiz - Hollowman Meets Joell Ortiz

If you never heard of Giggs, by all accounts his charlie is top drawer and I'm lovin his black gang.

Hands across the ocean as 'Hollowman' links with US artist Joel Ortiz for this steamer off Semtex’s new mixtape Pounds & Dollars.

Giggs & Joel Ortiz - Hollowman Meets Joel Ortiz

Friday, 10 October 2008

What a stinker....Uni takes fat smelly uk rapper award.

He is never shy of causing a raps Universon has taken the fat smelly rapper vote by a massive 71%, Fat David as he is known to friends was not around to comment but his wife did say this..."He won ya he entered...well atleast he has entered summin this year cos i aint let him knock da boots fa tyme get mi".

Evil Ed & Conspicuous ft. Willo Wispa - The Night

Evil Ed & Conspicuous are gettin' ready to drop their collaboration LP 'The Get Together' in the next few weeks. Da 'Mill was sent the full LP and I can assure you it's nang. Here's some more info from the press release...

"After much anticipation Ottomanelf Music brings you one of the biggest UK Hip Hop collaboration album’s you’ll hear this year . The UK’s finest producer Evil Ed teams up with one of the country’s most respected MC’s, Conspicuous (The Colony) to bring you their new album “The Get Together”. They say great minds think alike and the combined talent, quality control and vision of these two Hip Hop heavyweights, along with their love of the artform has resulted in a musical experience that will be hard to rival. Not only does “The Get Together” showcase the skills of Ed’s hard hitting, yet soulful, original beats and Cons’ diversity as an emcee showing both depth, social commentary and humor, but they also brought a whole heap of guests along for the ride.

“The Get Together” features a stellar line-up of guest MC’s including Jehst, Dubbledge, Shabaam Sahdeeq (NY legend from the days of Rawkus Records), Suave Sevah (Stronghold NY), Broke N English, Doc Brown, Seanie T, Konny Kon, Ric Branson, T Bear, Kobane, Grimlok, Sir Smurf Lil (YNR), Shameless, Willo Wispa, Mudmowth and Apollo plus new comers Iceman and Yungblud."

I tried in vain to convince 'The Evil One' to let us offer up a full track for download, so in the meantime here's a link to the video for 'The Night' featuring Willo Wispa on youtube... Make sure to check the LP when it drops.

Evil Ed & Conspicuous ft. Willo Wispa - The Night

Jazmine Sullivan feat. Skillz - Bust Your Windows

My feminine side is lovin' this track but my masculine side knows EXACTLY where Skillz is comin' from. Oh, and in case you didn't know...

"Jazmine Sullivan diligently followed the roadmap for success in pop music. As a young girl she sang gospel in church; competed in talent shows; learned from local Philadelphia success stories like Jill Scott; acquired a mentor in rapper Missy Elliott; and signed to a major record label at age 16.

That's when Ms. Sullivan's young career went off the road. Instead of pushing her as a pop starlet, Jive Records dropped the singer without releasing a record. "I was a baby. I wasn't an artist," Ms. Sullivan recalls. At 18 years old, she began a tough two years of learning how to write her own music. "Fearless," the debut album that Ms. Sullivan wrote and executive-produced, is No. 1 on the Billboard R&B albums chart. Next week, Ms. Sullivan begins a concert tour with soul singer Maxwell.

On her new album, the 21-year-old singer pours her full-bodied tenor into various stylistic molds. Ms. Sullivan's music echoes both Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys on "Need U Bad," which rides a reggae pulse and breaks into cascading R&B choruses. Other tracks feature retro touches, the stamp of producer Salaam Remi, who has also worked with the British singer Amy Winehouse. For example, "Bust Your Windows" has creeping strings and a subtle Motown swing. It's an indignant song about payback for a broken heart." - Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

Jazmine Sullivan feat. Skillz - Bust Your Windows

Uncle Murder ft. Jay-Z - ? (prod Pharrell)

Ha ha, 'The Track With No Name'... Featuring old Jay-Z verse and produced by Pharrell, seems like the last tune you'd brush under the carpet? Jiggle Man has a few sly digs. Unfortunately this is a radio rip but rest assured Da 'Mill will be sniffing out a pukka copy asap. Check the Brand Nubian sample... Neon.

Uncle Murder ft. Jay-Z - ?

Scarface talks pt.2

'face picks up where he left off. If you haven't seen pt.1 yet, scroll down and watch that first.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Wais P The Pimp ft. Devin The Dude - The Pussy Is Yours

Brand new cut from Brooklyn's 'Pimp Of The Moment' Wais P. This one features soon-to-be Pepamill hero Devin on top form.

Wais P The Pimp ft. Devin The Dude - The Pussy Is Yours

Video: Large Pro - Hot: Sizzlin’, Scorchin’, Torchin’, Blazin’

Old people like us love Large Pro. This is the visuals that goes with the audios from Xtra P's 'H.S.S.T.B.' from his LP 'Main Source' thats in the shops NOW.

Royce 5' 9 - Shake This (Dj Premier)

Pepamill delivers once again! We gave you the video teaser yesterday, here's the full track. (full video coming soon...)

Royce 5' 9 - Shake This

Scarface talks...

People like 'Face are gettin' rarer so take this opportunity to soak up his views on his music and especially US politics. Sit down, this is real man talk.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Kassim 'the dream' Ouma 25(15)-5-1-1

This dude has been in wars (literally) pay respect to a true badman in the boxing game.

Kassim was born on Dec 12th 1978 in Uganda, at 6 years old he was kidnapped by the National resistance army, a succesful amateur in Uganda he stayed in the U.S. after attending a competition and became a world champion. He didn't get shot once in the army but when he moved to America got shot twice in Florida in 2002, what are the chances? Check the trailer on his life story below nah mean;

Dude.......Da Dude.....High y'all....

Thats right you nerks get aload of this....we at the mill love real heads and no one is realer than Devin da take this chance and kick it with Devin episodes 1 to 4..enjoy

Right you have seen the is a sneaky banger called Can't make it home...check it then cop this dudes album dont be a stig.

Royce 5' 9 & Premo? again??

"people say Preem ain't fuckin' wit' me no mo'",...well they're wrong innit, can't wait for the full audio of this, video directed by Rik Cordero.

Trust Me, This Ones A Stinker!

Holy Ghost VS Pendulum & MC GQ - Baptazia.

You need your speakers turned up to appreciate this.

Federation Presents: TNT (Timberlee, Natalie Storm & Tifa) - 3 The Hard Way

Federation has joined forces with 3 of Kingston's hottest up and coming female artists – Timberlee, Natalie Storm and Tifa to create one of the mashiest bashiest mix CDs ever.

In association with Ward 21 and the Badda Badda Gang, we present to you...


Kyza - Too Nang (Freestyle)

To anyone from the UK, this guy needs no introduction and if you don't know, get to know.

Kyza is gonna be giving birth to a freestyle every week until his new LP
'Brand New Same Old Me' is released in Feb '09.

The way it works is simple, if you like the freestyles, BUY THE ALBUM!

Kyza - Too Nang